Saturday, July 25, 2009

Another cute blog?

Hi there.

I'm Emily. I know what you're thinking. Another cute blog? Well if you're anything like me you love to find "awww!" stuff on the Internet, but it can be a lot of work to track down all that preciousness. I'm always sending around flurries of links to my friends when I decided that instead of clogging up their chat windows, I'd just start this blog. I plan on having it be like a clearinghouse of cute. I'm also drawn to the weird stuff like deep sea angler fish, giant squids, and bizarre parasites. So be warned.....that stuff may show up too.

Whoa! There's one already! Hi there grimpoteuthis!

You may also be wondering why I named my blog "Biscuits n Gwavy". I have a dog named Emmett. When he was a puppy I thought he looked like the dog Biscuit from the kids books. ( I totally remembered wrong however as Biscuit is all brown and Emmett is brown and white....close enough!) I started to call him Biscuit and after a while, as all nicknames do, it morphed to biscuits and gravy, and then biscuits and gwavy. Whenever I say it he goes nuts and gets all excited and dances for me. So in my mind that is the epitome of precious.

Here's my little biscuit as a pup, so tired from all his dancing.

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  1. This is sweet! This will be the ONLY cute blog I check cause I know it will have all the best stuff anyway.

  2. Was Emmett ever that cute . . . ?

  3. I absolutley love you're BLOG. I found it surfing FlintExPats. I gotcha on my favs. Find something with monkeys!